Interesting Facts About Life For Women In Modern Day Iran

To many westerners, it may seem that women are strongly discriminated against in Iran today. While it is true that in modern day Iran the law is still slanted in favor of men, it is also important to understand that Iranian women do participate more actively in society than in the majority of Islamic countries. Additionally, Iranian women are better educated than most other Islamic women. All in all, conditions for women in Iran are gradually improving today.

Why do women in Iran face the restrictions that they do?

Under the current Iranian constitution, which was adopted after the revolution in 1979, women are not considered equal to men. Even with their relative freedom, women in Iran are legally considered as half a human, in much the same way African Americans were once legally considered 3/5ths a human. For this reason, a woman’s testimony in court is only considered to carry half the weight of a man’s. Upon a man’s death, his son automatically inherits twice the amount of his daughter. If a man is accidentally killed, compensation for his death would be two times greater than that provided for the accidental death of a woman.

How are these laws determined?

According to Iran’s constitution, the legal code must adhere to the Islamic moral code, known as Sharia law. This code is based in the Islamic holy book, the Koran, and it is mandated that all laws be based on this criteria. This means that every aspect of life must be shaped in accordance with the Koran, including laws governing the economy and finances, cultural expression, politics, the military, administrative, penal and civil codes and indeed all regulations and laws.

The Koran and The Old Testament are very similar in many ways, and the terms of Sharia law are often quite harsh. They include the stoning to death of women who have been found guilty of adultery and public lashings as punishment for a variety of offenses.

Just as in the Koran, men may have multiple wives. Islamic men are allowed to keep four wives, and they may choose to marry women who are not Islamic. A woman can have only one husband, and he must be Islamic. Men are allowed to divorce their wives as they see fit; however, a woman must have extreme justification for divorce.

How are women in Iran better off than women in other Islamic countries?

Even with this state of inequality, the women of Iran experience quite a bit more freedom than women in Saudi Arabia. One example of this is the fact that women in Saudi Arabia cannot hold a public office. Furthermore, they may not attend university or even drive a car.

Iranian women, on the other hand, are allowed to hold public office. They may also attend university, and in fact, sixty five percent of students currently attending university are female. Additionally, women in Iran are allowed to drive a car, and some Iranian women even make a living as taxi drivers. Not only that, women hold other non-traditional positions in Iran as evidenced by the fact that one unique Tehranian fire department is composed entirely of women.

Iranian women also experience somewhat greater freedom in dress. While most Islamic women must cover their hair and their faces, Iranian women are required only to keep their hair covered. Indeed, the all woman fire brigade must wear hijab beneath their fire helmets.

Will Iranian women ever enjoy full equality?

Because of the requirements of Sharia law, it may seem that women will never enjoy equal rights in Iran. It is important when considering this issue to realize that, even in the most forward thinking nations, women worldwide do not generally have full, equal rights. For this reason, it is important to view this matter in a pragmatic way. Inasmuch as women the world over have quite a way to go to attain full equality, the hope that Iranian women would gain it any time soon is quite impractical.

Be that as it may, many experts point out that the relative freedoms the women of Iran now enjoy are a vast improvement over circumstances of the past. It is important to remember that it can take a very long time to change tradition; however, there is hope that in the future, the laws in Iran will become more flexible and provide women with a better quality of life and greater equality.

Can Fatburner Pills Help You Lose Weight?

Are you constantly trying to lose weight without getting the results you hoped for? This is a common problem faced by hundreds and thousands of people throughout the country. What some don’t know is that diet and exercise isn’t always enough for everyone. Different bodies will react in different ways and may require much more exercise than you have time to do. A body may also react in a unique way to certain nutrients or diet changes and rarely does it react the way you expect.

Luckily, a there is a third step that you can take in your daily weight loss regimen. That third step is adding a fat burning supplement. You may have heard about these before. There are many big brands that have commercials on TV or ads on the internet. However, you can’t trust every advertisement you see. If you choose to purchase a fat burner you need to make sure you purchase the right one.

Can Fat burner Pills Help?

This is a common question that a lot of people have. They answer is absolutely, but only if you find the right ones and use them the right way. There is no pill out there that will just make your fat melt from your body. Even the best supplements need to be combined with regular exercise and diet to get healthy, consistent results.

Can fat burner pills help you lose weight by themselves? Not likely. If you find any fat burning supplement that claims it can help you lose weight without any help from exercise, then don’t buy it. It’s probably more hype than anything else. Look for honest companies that offer realistic expectations. Fat burners are not miracle supplements.

Not all fat burners are created equal. It’s up to you to do the research and find which supplements actually work and which ones don’t. Even then, everyone’s body is different and you might not experience the same results as others.

Most supplements will work in one of two ways or with a combination of both. First, they will control the appetite and second they will increase metabolism. The best fat burners usually do both of these things. Metabolism helps burn fat cells, even while resting and controlling your appetite makes it easier to keep the pounds off and stick to your diet.

You can also ask your doctor if they have any recommendations. They same goes for personal trainers or weight coaches. They usually know which supplements are healthy, safe, and effective. They also usually recommend all-natural supplements because there’s less risk involved.

Intestinal Cleaning – Gaining Ground In The Middle East

A western health procedure has been seen to be making inroads into Middle Eastern culture over the past few years.  Colonic Cleaning has now become a procedure that can be carried out in private at home. As such, it is increasingly to be found in more conservative coutries, including parts of the Arab world. Females in the population are also increasingly drawn to the process as a method of losing weight and maintining a heatly physique.

So what is intestinal detoxification?

The most important question that is perplexing to people who want to have an intestinal cleanse is how to know which type of cleanse will be most beneficial and suitable to their own personal requirements.  There are so many options available for cleansing the colon that it can be very confusing, but it is most important to find out which ones actually work and if they are safe for your health.  Some cleansing methods available today include:

–    Colonic irrigation
–    Therapeutic clays
–    Oxygen is cleansing
–    A diet based cleansing
–    Fiber cleansing

Colon detox is one of many ways to cleanse the body.  Other cleanses include a juice cleanse, raw diet cleanse and the Master Cleanse.

Why does the body need cleansing?

Cleansing can help kick-start the body’s natural detoxification abilities gently and effectively.  A gentle cleanse will encourage the body’s elimination process to naturally eliminate waste, but sometimes a clogged colon needs a boost, and that is where a colon cleanse can be beneficial.

The Benefits of Colon Flushing

Most people relate bowel cleansing to constipation problems which is a daily frustration for some and a painful one to contend with.    Most people who suffer from constipation turn to laxatives for relief.  However, most laxatives are essentially bowel stimulants that irritate the intestinal walls of the colon.  This causes increased peristalsis as the body attempts to expel the irritants.  Regular use of laxatives can become addictive as the colon loses its ability to operate naturally, resulting in poor muscle tone, decreased peristalsis and a dependence on laxatives to have a bowel movement.

Colon cleaning addresses constipation from a natural and healthy angle and can have extended health benefits for healthy weight and heart strength. Fiber plays an important role in the maintenance of a healthy, clean colon, free from accumulated build-up.  Fiber is a natural substance that occurs in the diet, but modern processed foods lack sufficient fiber to keep the colon working properly.

Natural Colon Cleansing with Fiber

The aim of a cleanse is to get the colon from an unhealthy state to optimal health.  When it comes to natural cleansing, nothing comes close to using fiber.  The Institute of Medicine recommends a daily intake of 20g of dietary fiber for women and 35g or men.  The average American diet provides less than 15g and in some cases even less.  Fast food diets are totally fiber depleted and unhealthy sugary snacks add to the problem.

The Importance of Fiber in the Diet

Fiber plays an important role in the maintenance of a healthy colon and in the general health of individuals. Insoluble fiber absorbs water as food passes through the intestines, which softens the stools and makes them more bulky.  A gel-like substances is formed by fiber as it enters the digestive tract, which slows down digestion and helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and boost the immune system.  Soluble an insoluble fiber helps to increase the bulk of the stool and larger stools are easier to eliminate than dehydrated, hard stools.  The husks in fiber help to sweep the intestinal walls of the colon and cleanse it from build-up of toxic waste.  This helps to regulate and normalize bowel function.

Fiber Supplements

Because most diets are deficient in fiber, an all natural fiber supplement includes natural ingredients such as seeds an psyllium husks to provide the right amount of fiber per serving.  It is most important to ensure that a fiber supplement is 100% natural and contains a blend of soluble fiber.  Taken daily, a goof fiber supplement such as all natural Digest It will boost your colon’s natural ability for elimination, bulk up your stools for easier passage and help to promote and maintain a healthy digestive system.

Fiber Colon Cleanse and Weight Loss.

A healthy amount of dietary fiber will keep the colon regular and encourage the elimination of accumulated waste from the intestines. As the body becomes more regular, unwanted weight starts to move as the body uses fat deposits to create energy to cleanse the system.  Unwanted fat starts to disappear and the body becomes toned and slim. Of all the options available for colon cleansing, a fiber based cleanse is the only one that is truly natural for the human body’s consumption.  An adequate intake of natural dietary fiber is an integral part of a healthy diet and an unhealthy digestive system can be due to the lack of dietary fiber.

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Fale Tarot And It’s Place In Iranian Society

In the world of tarot, there are many variations. Some types of tarot are quite complicated, while others are very simple. The Persian Tarot is a fascinating type of tarot that was created in 1980 by a woman known as Madame Indira, from Algeria. She was an orphan who had been raised in a convent, and she was known for having incredible intuition and the ability to make accurate predictions. She began creating her personal interpretation of Fale Tarot art work at the early age of eleven.

How is Persian Tarot different from the classic Rider – Waite deck?

While the standard tarot deck consists of 72 cards, the Persian Tarot consists of 55 cards. These are very lovely and exotic cards that encourage handling and meditation. Nineteen of the cards are classified as major cards. There are also sixteen intermediary cards, sixteen minor cards and four complementary cards.

These are richly symbolic cards that are very easy to read, even for a novice. Symbolism is entrenched in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Some reference is also made to the mythology of India and of Europe.

How are the arcana divided?

Within the nineteen major cards, you will find five animals represented. These cards are:

* The Wheel of Fish – luck, wealth, life’s ups and downs.

* Black Panther – a predator who is know for slyness and ferocity and is extremely rare.

* Swallows – gentle birds symbolizing love, joy, fertility and heralding springtime.

* Peacock – a unique bird deeply entrenched in mystic symbolism, vanity and other worldliness.

* Tiger – a predator who needs space and must roam free. Symbolizes ferocity, strength, power and courage.

There are also fourteen symbol cards.

Also within the major arcana of the Persian Tarot are symbol cards as follows:

* The Break-Up

* Fatima’s Hand

* The Torches

* Encounters

* The House

* The Witch

* The Island

* The Chest

* The Boat

* Marriage

* The Sun

* Sickness

* Fertility

* Death

Intermediary cards follow playing card suites with spades, diamonds, hearts, clubs, and standard court cards.

Is it hard to read the Persian Tarot deck?

The very popular and familiar Celtic Cross is the spread most often used with this deck. When reading the Persian Tarot, the order of the draw is of primary importance because placement within the draw affects each cards meaning. Unlike standard tarot, you must thoroughly interpret each card individually before interpreting the overall reading. This can be time consuming; however, it is also an excellent meditation.

You can enjoy Persian Tarot reading on many levels. It is entertaining and enjoyable to work with the cards, yet if you have a serious question, these cards are an excellent meditation and resolution tool. Reading them is very intuitive, and the deck design can be described as user friendly. When you use this lovely and inviting deck, you are sure to enjoy a pleasant journey of self discovery that opens up a world of inviting life choices.